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Featured Project: Winn Residential - Wardman Apartments - Roxbury, MA

Interior Fire Restoration and Renovation

Located in Roxbury, Massachusetts,Wardman Apartments was the site of a multiple- alarm fire in October 2011 that displaced 75 residents and damaged or destroyed more than 20 apartments. Fortunately, no lives were lost during the rescue operation, which included a 6-year-old boy leaping from the third floor into the arms of a waiting firefighter. This fire was one of the most destructive in the city's history.

RM Cochran was hired by Urban Edge (theWardman Apartments owner) and worked withWinn Residential Management (the Property Manager) to restore six apartments that were waterand smoke-damaged during the fire. In addition to bringing the apartments up to code, additional insulation was added to help reduce heating costs.

Urban Edge is a community development corporation focusing on Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, and surrounding neighborhoods, whose mission is to develop and sustain stable, healthy and diverse communities through the production and preservation of affordable housing, homeowner services and financial education, asset management, commercial and economic development, community building and organizing initiatives, and a Youth Leadership Academy.

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Before and during construction

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