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*Massachusetts State Code (780 CMR 1021.0 GUARDS): "...A guardrail system is a system of building components located near the open sides of elevated walking surfaces for the purpose of minimizing the possibility of an accidental fall from the walking surfaces to the lower level."

*Massachusetts State Code (780 CMR 1021.2 HEIGHT): "The guards shall be at least 42 inches (1067 mm) in height measured vertically above the leading edge of the tread or adjacent walking surface."

R.M. COCHRAN Company is able to offer a complete COST EFFECTIVE design & installation service and assure you that all applicatons conform to OSHA, state & local codes.

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Lead Paint Renovation Rules and Pre-1978 Homes

Follow this link to read about the new lead paint removal regulations and how it can effect your renovations. Please also make sure that you ask for and see the contractor's required lead paint removal certification.